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About CENTRINNO Cartography

The Cartography is a mapping journey. Destination: Resilient, locally productive and circular communities. In a few steps, the Cartography guides cities and grassroots organizations to discover the skills, materials and resources existing around us. These form the basis for circular communities - a network of individuals, makerspaces, small producers and large manufacturers that share know-how on circular making, exchange resources and wastes, and come up with innovative solutions for real local challenges beyond circularity.


"We were able to validate and expand upon the data provided by Kumu, gaining a deeper understanding of potential materials in our city. This powerful tool allowed us to visualize, customize, and present the flow of materials and knowledge exchanges among stakeholders. Kumu's interactive maps became a valuable resource, not just for our team but also for the stakeholders we were working with. It offered a unique way to explain our findings and opportunities for collaboration, making our efforts to promote circularity in Barcelona much more effective."

Milena Calvo Juarez - FabLab Barcelona

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"The cartography approach is a welcome departure from traditional stakeholder lists. It streamlines the information-gathering process and is an essential tool for spatial projects."

Roberto Vdović- University of Zagreb


"The creative freedom I had while working on this project was invaluable. I was able to experiment with mapping tools and gather feedback from makers to ensure the map was accessible and easy to understand."


Martijn Lammerts - WAAG


barcelona-Step 5 - Poblenou_edited.jpg


Circular. Inclusive. Sensitive to our past. This is CENTRINNO.


CENTRINNO is a research project in which nine pilot cities from all across Europe come together to experiment with new urban regeneration approaches in former industrial neighbourhoods. Supported by circular economy experts, heritage specialists and co-creation know-how, pilots worked on setting up Fab City Hubs - centers for local production and making, networking and education with the goal to empower local makers in rapidly transforming cities. While CENTRINNO is coming to an end in early 2024, the Cartography lives on, as a resources for current and aspiring Fab Cities to replicate the CENTRINNO approach. 

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